Cloud hosting VS Regular hosting

With the introduction of cloud technology to Information Technology (IT) industry, whole prospective of software industry has changed tremendously. Now a days, several institutions and companies are preferring cloud computing and cloud storage (data bases) etc. than normal techniques. The technique and working of cloud technology impressed the website hosting companies also and they are also shifting towards cloud hosting from traditional or regular hosting. There are several advantages with cloud hosting when compared to the other hosting methods presently available like regular hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPN hosting etc. To define cloud hosting in lay man’s language, it is just like sharing an apartment with roommates. Everybody will have access to all resources and you can all use the resources but you can’t change or customize them according to your needs.

cloud hosting or regular hosting

In cloud hosting, all the resources provided by the hosting provider like Bandwidth, Memory, CPU usage are shared among several users similar to that of shared hosting. Unlike shared hosting where a single resource is used, in cloud hosting different resources are combined and used to give more efficient and high end performance. The pricing of cloud hosting is slightly greater than shared hosting, as it is still emerging technology and in the near future the prices of cloud hosting will go down drastically. The ease and convenience in using cloud hosting is attracting more number of users and software giants like IBM, Amazon etc. are also offering this service which shows the real potential of this technique. More number of users is shifting towards cloud hosting as it gives 100% value to money.

There are several benefits with cloud hosting when compared with regular hosting and predominant advantages of cloud hosting can be summarized as follows:-

  • Cloud hosting gives freedom to its users to use maximum bandwidth and flexibility to share computer and server resources according to their needs.
  • As many severs are joined together in cloud hosting, the problems like data loss due to server crash, server maintenance etc. doesn’t occur in cloud hosting and thus it gives optimum performance to end users.
  • The trend of cloud hosting is increasing day by day and the prices are coming down significantly when compared to early days. With continuous increase in number of users, this trend is likely to continue and the prices may drop even further in coming years.
  • Some of the cloud hosting providers is offering services like pricing according to usage and power. This is a relatively new phenomenon in cloud hosting and several small IT and IT related companies are transferring to cloud hosting due to this innovative pricing technique.
  • Generally users choose hosting services based on the services offered with reference to the price. Based on this, no other hosting technique is comparable to cloud hosting.

Though there are several other hosting techniques, cloud hosting is catching up quickly these days because of its unique advantages over other techniques. If you are looking for high resource,low cost hosting then you must at least once check cloud hosting from a reputed company. If you decide to buy regular web hosting for your website, then Hostgator is the best option for you. You can use a Hostgator coupon provided by us to get discount on Hostgator.

Features of a good web hosting

Before I commence on my argument, I would like to clarify what is meant by web hosting; it refers to a service that makes your website accessible to your users since most websites are intended to be viewed or used by anyone on the Internet and at any time. Hence if you want anyone on the Internet to view your website at any time, you must make sure that your website is running on a computer which is connected to the Internet 24 hours per day as well as 7 days per week. Below are features of a good web hosting.

features of good web hosting

Features of good web hosting company

  • Security- you need a secure web hosting since if your website does not offer security then all the contents you create is irrelevant. For instance if you are continually being hacked, brute-forced, and being injected then your website is as good as a dropped football rolling on the grass in the field. It cannot help you. It should enhance daily processes running in the planed manner without you panic now and then without forgetting most importantly that you need a host that will take accountability for constantly cleaning as well as re-securing your site if something not planned happens to slip through your website. I will recommend that you choose swift and secure for your website
  • Support- this involves 24 hours and 7 days support operations per week because you are running on the same path with many competitors offering the same serving you are offering. Intermittent and outsourced support can work for some limited number of products, but not for hosting serious websites. You should be able to invest much from your website at the same time enjoy your working because to some extent your website is your livelihood hence it is needed to support much operations. Hence I will recommend to choose a host that respects this.
  • Monitoring - a host that offers monitoring of your site is far much better than going for other monitors out there. Our main aim is to separate bad from good host and hence it comforts more when the host is on you back. I would recommend that one should opt for the prime monitoring since it is a matter of respect to your job and hence a host that shows much respect to your website is better.
  • Speed- speed is very vital in all operation in your website because choosing a host with a server configuration precisely tuned to your content management system and then joined with a smart caching strategy is much demanding. You only need a strong core to optimize your operations. Among the enormous advantages is that your site will be experiencing load times consistently under 1.5 seconds which is much far desirable than a dragging operation. Your Readers won’t lose patience and leave your site to navigate elsewhere. From the research it is evident that it only takes less than 3 seconds to lose almost 50% of the readers visiting your site. Another advantage of having a speedy operation is that you can actually bring to ground the operation cost by minimizing the loading time.

Hostgator has all these great features which makes it the best web hosting company. Use a Hostgator coupon 2014 to get discounts if you have decided to buy it.

Hostgator Coupon 2013 – November Update

25PercentMagic – 25% off on first invoice

1CentMagic – First month for 1 cent.

Here at JhankaarBeat, we always provide the best Hostgator coupon codes, so our readers can get the maximum discount when they buy Hostgator web hosting. Previously, we have posted Hostgator Black Friday coupon and Hostgator 2014 coupons. In this post, I’m going to list the top Hostgator coupon codes in November 2013. These coupons will save you lot of money. No matter which plan you choose, we have coupon for each one.

These Hostgator coupons work on all plans such as Shared hosting (Baby, Hatching & Business) plan, Reseller Hosting, VPS and Dedicated server. I have already provided you the coupon codes at the starting of the post. Now, let me tell you in detail about these coupon and how you can use them.

Hostgator coupons 2013

These are the max discount promo codes for Hostgator in 2013:


This coupon will give you 25% off on first invoice. It is an exclusive coupon code and can expire at any time, so use it now to save lot more. This coupon will work on all the Hostgator plans. Hostgator gives you the choice to pay for up to 3 years in upfront. You can either pay for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. The more you choose to pay upfront, better will be your savings with this coupon. I would recommend you to buy plan with at least 1 year time frame, which means you will pay for 1 year up front. Use 25PercentMagic coupon and you’ll see a big chunk of amount waved off from your total bill.


This coupon code is also very useful. If you want to take a trial of Hostgator or just want to pay monthly, then you can use this coupon code and get first month of Hosting for just 1 cent. It will give you 1 cent for first month on just Baby and Hatching plans. For other plans, it will take off $9.94 from the total order amount.

So, these are the top Hostgator coupon codes 2013. Use them according to your plan and requirement. If you have any confusion, just post it in the comments and I’ll be there to the rescue.

Here’s how you can use these coupons on Hostgator:

1. Go to

2. Select your plan, enter your domain and select time frame

3. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a “coupon code” field.

4. Remove the default coupon and type in one of the coupon provided above.

5. There you go! Coupon has been activated, now say thanks to me :D

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 Sale Discount Coupon

Hostgator is famous for offering huge discounts on Black Friday. We have seen 50%-80% off fire sale in recent years and this year is going to be the same too. Hostgator is running a Black Friday 2014 sale in which you can discounts ranging form 50%-80%. We’ll post the link of the sale as soon as it goes live. So, bookmark this page and don’t forget to get yourself heavy discounts on this Black Friday which is on Friday, November 29.

When sale will start?

Hostgator Black Friday 2014 sale will start at 00:00 AM PST on 28th November and will end at 11.59 PM CST on the same day. So, you’ll have 24 hours to buy the Hostgator hosting at discounted prices. Don’t miss the chance.

Why Hostgator?

Hostgator is the top shared hosting company, which is hosting millions of websites. It is the most reputed web host and popular among its users for quality services and customer support. And when they run a sale, it becomes the talk of the town. No one wants to miss the chance to buy quality web hosting services at minimal prices. And as we all know, Black Friday is the day of sales, Hostgator also takes benefit of this day by offering amazing discounts and attracting lot of new customers. In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both, customers and Hostgator.

This year Hostgator will offer discounts ranging from 50%-80%, we’ll update this page with link to sale and coupon code to get the discount. This discount will apply to all the Hostgator plans including Shared hosting (Baby, Hatching & Business plans), Reseller hosting, VPS plans as well as Dedicated servers. So, whatever plan you want to buy, you’ll be able to get good discount for it.

Even if you are an existing Hostgator customer, you can also add new account with discount price in the billing area but you can’t use this offer for account renewal. So, if you are looking to get discounts on account renewal with Hostgator Black Friday deal, then you’ll be little disappointed with this. Payments can be done via PayPal or Credit card.

If you have any question in mind or having any problem in availing discount on Hostgator Black Friday sale, post it in the comments below and I’ll try to help you.